Care for Yourself

A program of the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Care for Yourself program offers healthcare services to eligible Iowans.

To check your eligibility, and enroll:
call 1-866-339-7909

After you enroll, you may ask for an appointment with a trans-friendly provider.

Live healthy, live proud, and Care for Yourself.

If you have not had reconstructive surgery, you need regular Pap Tests and mammograms.

Female hormones increase your risk of breast cancer, schedule regular screenings.

Yes. You are still at risk for cancer. You can skip the mammogram, but you still need regular exams by a healthcare provider.

You may be eligible for these services:

• Clinical breast exam;
• Mammogram;
• Pap Test;
• Pelvic exam;
• Limited diagnostic tests; and
• Assistance with making appointments and transportation.

If you meet these guidelines:

• Are 40 years or older; OR
• Are under 40 and have breast cancer symptoms
• Have a household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level
• Have no health insurance; OR
• Have health insurance that does not cover services shown above; OR
• Are unable to pay co-payment or deductible; OR
• Are age 65 or older and do not have Medicare Part B coverage; OR
• Have health insurance, but need help to be sure you get screened.



This material is supported in part by the Cooperative Agreement 5NU58-DP003885-05 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10/2016