Poster2-heartTHEYwebDo you identify as a woman, trans woman, or trans man?

The Iowa Department of Public Health offers healthcare screenings and programs free to eligible Iowans through its Care for Yourself program. To be eligible you must meet the following guidelines:

  • Are between the ages 40-64 years of age;
  • Are 65 years or older and have not enrolled in Medicare Part B;
  • Are under 40 years old and have a breast lump or other signs of breast cancer; and
  • Meet these income guidelines.

After you have enrolled in the Care for Yourself program and received services from the breast and cervical cancer component, you may be eligible for WISEWOMAN services.

WISEWOMAN helps women reduce their risk for heart disease and improve their overall health.

Heart disease claims the lives of more women than cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, accidents, and diabetes combined.

  • More women than men will die within one year after a heart attack.
  • Heart disease and stroke are especially big problems for minority women.
  • More women than men die of stroke each year.


WISEWOMAN offers free or low-cost health screenings for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes:

  • Blood pressure testing
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Glucose (blood sugar) testing for prediabetes and diabetes



WISEWOMAN provides counseling and classes to help women prevent disease and improve their overall health with:

  • Nutrition education
  • Physical activity information
  • Doctor referrals
  • Stop-smoking programs
  • Up to 26 weeks of a weight loss program
  • Home Blood Pressure Monitoring


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